Swedish Environmental Protection Agency announces support for Karlskoga City’s geothermal energy transformation.

Swedish Environmental Protection Agency today announced support for Energeotek’s with consortia partner’s application for support for the plan to complete the started prestudy for the geothermal pilot establishment in Karlskoga, Sweden. The prestudy is a vital part of the establishment plan for 15 MW district heating based on the innovative system solution NxGeo® from Energeotek for emission free energy. The prestudy will be completed during 2017 by Energeotek with partners and in close cooperation with Karlskoga Municipality via the municipality subsidiary companies Karlskoga Energi & Miljö, Karlskoga Näringsliv and Alfred Nobel Science Park.

The Swedish Government’s announced support via the authority the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s to Karlskoga City is part of a wider national program in Sweden concerning ”Support for strategic deployments of state-of-the-art technologies for sustainable smart cities”. The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s support constitutes a vital stimulative response to the entire Karlskoga-region’s ambitions and commitment to become one of the world’s first Smart Sustainable Cities to support the sustainable society developments, the business sectors and public Welfare.

Picture: Example exterior design of Energeotek’s renewable emission free NxGeo power centers.