Investor Relations

Welcome to Energeotek's Investor Relations.

Energeotek's scope is to inform the capital market and our investors about Energeotek's position, operations and development.

The objective with the information is also to increase the knowledge and understanding about the energy field deep geothermal energy as well as Energeoteks unique system solution NxGeo® and its potential not only to transform deep geothermal energy into electricity, district heating, cooling and cascade heating products but also to in a larger context become the energy pillar for cities entering the transition into sustainable cities. By developing the interest in Energeotek's system solution for deep geothermal energy we offer stimulation of the public opinion about the related sustainability energy issues.

Energeotek offers several investment opportunities along with the company operations in the form of investments in the company and its protected technologies as well as in the system solution NxGeo® as well as in each NxGeo®-based energy plant project and operations.

Please feel free to send us your name and contact information and we will keep you informed about Energeotek's daily operations and growth together with customers and partners in Sweden and around the globe.

For more information, please contact us.